is this srsly our first lady

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since abercrombie an fitch destroys its unsold clothes and wont donate bc poor people wearing their clothes gives them a bad image i say everyone should donate as much abercrombie and fitch brand clothing that you have to homeless shelters so you can simultaneously piss off a shitty company and help those in need

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i worked in my sketchbook for lil today so thats o.k.

Lindsay Lohan photographed by Vicky Tanzil for Elle Indonesia, March 2014

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i still smell you
tucked away between every thread
that holds together the mattress 
i fell in love with you on


losing you pt. 1

the first time you got out of your car
i watched you become real
as you stepped out into a light
that wrapped itself around your

and i became jealous of the sun
that got to hold you


losing you pt. 2

sometimes i still smell you
as i walk past the empty space
where your car used to be parked


6:50 am

i want to go to sleep with the confidence
that there’s nothing more beautiful than a still morning
or being in the presence of a world that feels 
new again


i almost gave myself a panic attack
thinking about how empty
the world feels
without someone like you in it


losing you pt. 3

tonight i went through my phone
and read conversations from a time
when i would take pictures of the sky
just to show you my day

forgetting you is the hardest thing
that i’ve ever done


baby came home || the neighbourhood

said she needs time to explore
she said i can’t love her no more

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